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AIM: bes4usa
ICQ: 260392305
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Location: New York


Occupation: Independent Business Owner

Interests: boxing,dance,blues,neo-soul,swimming,success strategies for home-based business owners

Biography: I enjoy hearing a good story. Everybody has something that is special about them. My favorite activities include listening to good music,reading non-fiction,taking walks in my neighborhood,going to the sports club/getting a good sweat in every day is great! I like to reflect on life and life experiences to find treasures,lessons that help me to find more meaning in everyday life. My educational background is in fashion design,human resources management and general business administration. I found cultural anthropology interesting as well. Law is also of interest to me. Generally, I am a curious person. If something is helpful in improving my quality of life I will usually take a look. I think that I am a practical person. I am goal oriented and that has always worked for me.See you on the board.

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