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Should Iran attack the US?
Title Should Iran attack the US?
Message Since the most recent failure of talks between the European Union and Iran, the US has stated that Iran's continuing nuclear programme means that the US is putting all options on the table in terms of dealing with Iran. Clearly some of these options are military. Thus, there is little doubt in anyone's mind that the US is threatening Iran. Does this imminent threat from the US give Iran the right to carry out preemptive attacks against the US? After all, this is the philosophy that the US (who in fact was never threatened by Iraq) used to invade Iraq. Of course, Iran does not have the capability to attack the US on its own soil, but it does have the ability to aid those who might be willing to attack the US abroad. So, the question is, would it be legitimate for Iran to take steps to attack and have others attack US military installation and personnel around the world? Is such preemptive action not as much their right as it is the American's? Note that Iran has not broken any international laws by continuing to pursue its nuclear programme. The Europeans have admitted as much. This whole issue revolves around the US simply not wanting Iran to have nuclear capabilities. It is interesting how the US doesn't seem to mind Israel having developed those very same capabilities. It is, it appears to me, a clear matter of a double standard being applied. In my mind, the Europeans have already gone too far supporting the US on this issue. It is time that the rest of the world, especially Europe Japan and the rest of the industrialised world, tell the US to back off. Only a joint world position in opposition to American aggression can possibly keep the American Hawks in check. Not taking a stand now could be very much akin to what not having taken a stand against Hitler back in the 1930s meant to the world. Rudi
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