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the neutrino dance
Title the neutrino dance
Message lately i've been thinking a lot about neutrinos. they're tiny particles that get scattered everywhere when a star goes supernova. scientists have been trying to harness their power to transmit information. i've been speculating that maybe high concentrations of neutrinos passing through our atmosphere might spur bursts of evolutionary change. possibly something radical like gene mutation or something more subtle like a wave of sudden mood swings. what if the holocaust could be traced to a specific cloud of neutrinos, or the salem witch trials? or man walking upright for the first time? or the renaissance, or the enlightenment? the industrial revolution? if it could be determined for certain that such spurts in human evolution (or "devolution" as the case may be) were attributable to neutrinos, what impact does this have on our perception of morality or of free will? that we maybe have even less than we thought? could it lead to greater empathy? or lesser? food for thought.
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