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Message Oct. 25th we showed the 2000 movie after church. The movie is almost 2 hours long and adult Sunday school is usually just a bit over 1 hour. Nov. 1 will be the discussion. I hope that will be an interesting discussion Nov. 1. So far one person raised a question right after the movie was finished, "Was Judas forgiven for his part?", and I mentioned that the same question has been raised about Pilate. I can see one difference, Judas died before Jesus asked his father to "forgive them" and Pilate survived and died later, and was presumably included in those to be forgiven. But since Judas died before, was he included in the request for forgiveness, when Jesus was on the cross? BTW, my one thought is that both of them were doing what they were supposed to do, so how could you condemn them for playing their parts. Did they have any choice in their actions?
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