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Perception, Cognition, Information Processing
Title Perception, Cognition, Information Processing
Description Memory
Message Just how REAL is our fleeting conscious moment? In a split second it enters the realm of memory. Five minutes ago, or five years ago it is still just a memory. We dream. Sometimes we remember the dream, sometimes not. At any rate, is it not just a memory? Present and past creating a tapestry of consciousness, a sense of reality, a sense of self, awareness of self. What is the final arbiter of REALITY? The five physical senses? The atomic universe? Then comes tomorrow, or a thousand tomorrows. Even premonitions, especially if they come to pass, is worthy of perusal. Memories live in our brain as an electrical charge. Do they die when the brain dies...or maybe, just maybe, live on. I don't know. To us there is always NOW, but for how long? (A lot of questions, any thoughts per se?)
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