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Caring for very old people and for very young
Title Caring for very old people and for very young
Message Caring for the newborns is very obviously likeable. They're so beautiful, so full of life, innocence and playfulness. They are liked by most, if not, by all. Parents, if they are sane--love them to the fullest and care for them. So do their uncles, aunts and neighbors. People like to see them, enjoy looking at their smiles, their playfulness, their mischievousness, and the small nuisances they create every now and then. Most people would not like to clean them though. Small kids wet themselves so often--and only nearest to them, who take care of them--mother, father, grandmother and grandfather etc. would like to clean them happily. But everyone loves to play with young ones--even if it's only for a while. It's mostly because they're full of life, beauty and purity. Very old people, with grey hairs or bald head, wrinkled lifeless worn out skin, toothless mouth, weak bones, coughing with many body-aches and unable to hear you properly won't appeal to you. They don't appeal much to anybody for that matter. The life is soon going to bid adieu to their bodies. Very few people really care for the very old people. More than anything else, old people want some of your time. They might not be able to help you much with anything, they might not have any gifts to offer, no beauty of young--(though there is a grace in some old people who have lived well), no glow, yet they've a certain wisdom acquired through the arduous journey of life. If you spend some of your time with old people, and listen attentively to their stories--it helps keep them happy and sane. You would also feel better. It's true that listening attentively to anyone, no matter whether young or old in age, improves relationships and quality of life for all people involved. It's even more true in case of old people. They are often very lonely. Incapable of making their desires and dreams come true--because they can't work for them(not to suggest that people who can work for their dreams can make all of them come true, or all of the people who work for their dreams make them come true!)they've mostly let-go of life, made their peace and they're preparing for the final goodbye--but they still have many deep conflicts--unresolved--they like peace but they want you to spend some time with them. Listen to their stories. Show them some respect out of compassion. They have already seen enough of conflicts, arguments and harshness in life it's a great service if you speak politely with old people--strangers or familiar people. It's an act of compassion. It would not only heal them but would also heal you along. Caring for young people is obviously out of love. Caring for very old requires more compassion. Old people, in many ways, become similar to young people-unable to follow instructions, lack of attention, lack of hearing and so and so on. But old people lack the glow, beauty and life young have in them--therefore it's not natural to take care of old of the tribe. But by taking care of old--out of compassion--you not only heal them and yourself in the process, but also set an example to be followed--which helps create a society where old people are not thrown out of homes, out of tribes, just because they're ugly and of no use. You help create a society--where there's a balance and a certain harmony among people of all generations. Because if there is pain in certain organs of body--the rest of the organs can't stay at peace. The whole becomes peaceful only when every organ is at peace. Almost everyone is going to get old. Body starts decaying the day it's born. You're dying every moment of life you're living. Life and death are shadows of each other.
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