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Conspiracy Theories, Negativity and Paranoia
Title Conspiracy Theories, Negativity and Paranoia
Message Conspiracy Theories are theories built around the belief that the world is being run by some evil super powers which control everything. There's a conspiracy behind everything---behind the food you eat and behind the water you drink. The news you hear and the air you breathe are full of conspiratorial elements according to such theorists. There have been many conspiracy theorists. Who were very brilliant and I don't deny that there are ulterior motives behind all actions good or bad performed by many organizations. I have myself been a conspiracy buff. I highly endorse seeing both sides of any subject . Seeing both sides of any situation is good in general but for a spiritual person it also helps lead him towards detachment--which is a prerequisite for enlightenment. In my humble experience conspiracy theorists are always on a high alert. Their radar is always busy detecting negative signals in their environment. They very soon develop paranoia. Of course you can't pretend 'all is well' when some things are wrong in your surroundings--you need to take action in your power to make things right--but certain things are beyond your power. You've to accept those things and you've to have faith in the divine will. You can't control earthquakes, solar storms, tsunamis, asteroids and many many other things happening to you and around you. Acceptance and surrender is not cowardice--it's a choice to live peacefully-it takes immense courage to go beyond petty conflicts borne out of egoistic drives. If peace isn't the highest priority in your life--then by all means you can delve into the conspiracies--otherwise they're good for entertainment only. That's also partially the reason why I stopped listening to a famous speaker after a while. Actually it was my intuition--I didn't feel like listening to him anymore--later on as I tried to reason out--I found that I didn't really want to know all that's wrong with the society, religion and the world at large--I already know enough. How often have you found a conspiracy theorist talking about something very positive which was kept hidden? Acts of generosity? How often have you heard them talking about a person who kept doing charity but never told anyone? Never !--because that isn't conspiracy by definition. Conspiracy theories are all about finding out negativity in your surroundings. When you keep tracing negativity you tend to find more and more of it. The first law of behavioral Psychology states that you get more of what you reinforce. And interestingly there's no end to it--it's infinite. There's infinite positivity and infinite negativity in the world history. You can choose what to focus on. To take an example: If you've family conflicts--sitting in judgement and ruminating over all past events again and again, pointing fingers isn't going to solve any problems. The better way is to keep away from meddling into each other's pasts. Moving along the life as it comes and accepting what is inevitable leads to harmony and peace. Similarly in the world you have both negative and positive events going-on every time. Some media choose to focus on negativity--you can avoid them. Because negativity is going to suck life and energy out of you while positivity would increase it. Media also functions to keep you informed about your safety but that could be done by getting information from relatively less negative sources too.
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