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Predestination: A thought provoking thriller!
Title Predestination: A thought provoking thriller!
Message Predestination is a thought provoking science-fiction thriller based on a short story. This story, written by Robert A Heinlein is called All You Zombies. The story has many intriguing elements including Ouroboros and chicken and egg paradox. There is not a need to spoil the plot of this movie. I read a few reviews after having watched this movie. I found those reviews entertaining, but as happens with all such movies those reviews and discussions are all equally valid. In other words, you're better off if you don't read them at all(Provided you discount the enjoyment you get with the reading; if you get such an enjoyment at all...). My two cents are that the lesser you know about this movie more you enjoy watching it. This is a very entertaining thriller. It has many quite unpredictable twists and turns in the plot. It also has one of the easiest to use time-travel machines I have hitherto seen. The movie is well paced and keeps you hooked for whole 97 minutes. The performances are good enough but they could have been better and soundtrack is amazing. If you're a science-fiction aficionado you would not regret watching this film.
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