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The Easiest Understanding of Karma
Title The Easiest Understanding of Karma
Message Karma has been compared to a boomerang. In the language of origin, Sanskrit, Karma means doing. It's in fact doing, but the concept assimilates much more than that. Karma is also what happens to you. Karma is sum total of all intention vectors in your psyche. In general, whatever happens to you is mysteriously related to whatever you do. More accurately, how you feel is related closely to what you do. They're interwoven with each other. As you sow, so you reap, is a famous saying. At one level or another almost everyone has some faith in Karma. In various belief systems there might be various agencies which work for bringing out justice and that justice is known as Karma. In Hinduism, God looks after the Karma and in Buddhism Karma is a self-sufficient law which needs no external agency to look after it. I am convinced that Karma's easiest understanding is the one I have. It's not to suggest that it's best or it's better than any other understandings. It's also not my intention to suggest that you cannot do without Karma. It's just that Karma is a valid enough rule in this dream world. My understanding is that there is just one reality. This reality is not different from me. I am that ultimate reality which is known as Self, God, Superconsciousness, Logos, Existence, Tao and many other names. It goes without saying that I am not any of these: Personality, Body, Mind etc. I am beyond all concepts. I am what everything is. There is nothing else but me. When I am convinced about this--Karma becomes too easy to understand. Whatever I give, I give to myself, because there is nobody else. Now, it becomes clear that if I am truthful, honest and generous, I am bound to get back Truth, Honesty and Generosity. What do I really want? Love and Bliss is my nature. Whatever I do, I do in order to be happy. I do everything out of love for myself. That which I want for myself, should be given out all the times. I must love everyone as much as I think I love myself. There is nobody else, but me; therefore, whatever love and care I give out, I give out only to myself. With such an understanding, it's inevitable that I would get love love and compassion, because it's what I am giving out every moment. Moreover, loving others is not possible unless I love myself first. This is true because, I alone am; if I hate myself and think that I can love others, it's just impossible. I am everything; therefore when i love myself fully and unconditionally, that fragrance of love permeates through my being and everyone in my world feels loved. This is simplest understanding of Karma. You alone are. Give whatever you want to give out, with the steady remembrance that you're giving to yourself and you'll be sure to get that back in plenty.
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