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HBO True Detective Season One
Title HBO True Detective Season One
Message This is a brilliant crime mystery TV show by HBO. It depicts the lives of two detectives Rust and Hart during their seventeen years long hunt for a serial killer. The theme song of the serial is just amazing. The season one has only eight episodes, almost every one of them about one hour long. The show has many intriguing things but the first and foremost is stunning acting. The actors performing the two leads are so accomplished that they leave a spellbinding effect. The other actors are also good but most of the screen time is taken by these two because it's the story of two detectives mainly. This is not the story of the serial killer but rather the story of detectives...not only their work but their attitudes, their beliefs and ups and downs in their lives have been portrayed in depth. The pace with which story unfolds is really unique. Initially it seems slow and might sound boring to some of us addicted to mystery thrillers but with the passage of time you not only start loving these detectives but also get identified with their characters and personalities. The last three episodes were just enchanting for me. The show has a dark crime theme but it always maintains the threshold for avoiding it from becoming too gory and slash. The camera work, writing and music are also excellent. The show has been received wide critical acclaim because of its sound script and performance. The second season is very likely to involve totally different characters, performers and directors it seems. I would anticipate the season two because season one was just awesome. I would like to cordially thank my dear friend Rajkamal Jha for recommending this show to me.
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