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The Man From Earth
Title The Man From Earth
Message The Man From Earth is an extraordinary science-fiction movie. It might be a kind of disappointing disaster for regular science-fiction fans who love to see a lot of action. It doesn't have parallel-universes, aliens or space shuttles flying around; but what it does have is a marvelous script. It was the last work of screenwriter Jerome Bixby and what a great work indeed! This is the most unusually original idea for a science fiction I have ever seen! It must be a very low budget film-shot almost entirely with-in a single room. No mazes, no big guns, no special effects and yet such an engrossing film. It reminded me of perhaps the greatest courtroom-drama ever--yes the 1957 film, Twelve Angry Men. That movie had brilliant dialogues and acting; similarly this movie has amazing pace, intrigue and grip. It flows smoothly and never gets boring. This film has elements of history, religion, science and mystery presented before audience in an uncanny manner. I truly enjoyed watching this movie and since I wanted to keep this short note unspoiled I would not go into the details of script discussing nuances which touched me most. In a way, this film is one of the most no-nonsense science fiction films I have ever seen. Amazing, entertaining, simple and brilliant--a must watch for all mystery and sci-fi buffs. Bill Thompson in his review has pointed out the weaknesses like poor acting by most of the actors and lack of a powerfully synchronized sound track. Still he finds the movie interesting. This is the second film in a row after Mr. Nobody, where I find that I can love Science-Fiction as much as I love Mystery. Obviously this movie has a more thought provoking premise than that of Mr. Nobody because it's more original. In a way Jerome Bixby's swan song would become a classic like Heath Ledger's performance in The Dark Knight; I don't know if it happens frequently but somehow it's so magical that others living and kicking cannot go around repeating it--I mean I am not too experienced but I have not seen anything like Joker and similarly this plot is just a masterpiece. This movie also reminded me of 12 Angry Men, though that was a court room drama mystery--but entire thing going inside a single room with most intelligent dialogue made it look like this one. Fermat's Room is another such movie but that is more on the lines of Kafkaesque Cube etc and yet it fails to deliver what 12 Angry Men and A Man From Earth do.
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