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Man of Steel
Title Man of Steel
Message Man of steel evokes great imagery of alien life across the universe. It's a great entertainer. It's full of high-speed action, breath-taking special effects and magical scenery. It's the only Superman movie I have ever seen and I loved Superman. I used to enjoy watching cartoon series when I was a kid. This movie revived my memories of past, only with much more colors added to them. The alien movies where they are portrayed as intelligent beings appeal more to me, than those where they are just blood sucking horrifying biological organisms. I have not seen movies where aliens are shown as very advanced spiritual beings who don't need to fight or invade, but I think the day of such movies has not come yet because there might not be enough action in them to entertain the general audience of such movies--kids. I think spiritual aliens would look like Gods and then they would seem more like mythologies rather than like science-fiction. Anyways, I enjoyed watching 'Man of Steel,' because of many reasons and a very good sound track along with good picture quality are some of the factors. I highly recommend watching this movie if you like some stupendous action and love the superhero flying in the sky like a missile. I think what was missing in the movie--was carryover from scene to another at some of places--which makes it look like a dream-sequence--which is not suitable for a place where high-quality action is taking place in movie. That might be the reason why movie did not better critical reception--otherwise--it seemed like Christopher Nolan's action movies, of course, with the lack of mystery-thriller element in it.
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