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Manorama Six Feet Under
Title Manorama Six Feet Under
Message Note: This review contains spoilers. This movie is a work of art. Most of the mystery is cliche(Actually it's a remake of Roman Polanski's Chinatown(1974)} but the way story unfolds--layer by layer of mystery inside mystery inside mystery revealing itself with the passage of time keeps audience hooked to the screen. After half an hour into the film, I thought it's not worth being watched--poor sound track, poor performances by Gul Panag(especially) and Abhay Deol and poor cinematography. But I was wrong--even after an hour into the film, I was under the impression that it's yet another regular cliche mystery movie wrapped inside poor performances--but again I was wrong because there was more to the mysteries--they were convoluted. I must admit that climax of the movie is most disappointing. The last ten minutes or so spoil the premise built by the movie post interval. On the whole Abhay Deol is his usual self and has performed well{This is not to contradict my previous statement where I stated that his performance seemed too bad in the beginning--take for example, the scene where he is on bike--enacting that he is drunk and talking to that lady--Manorama(Sameera)--that is a shoddy piece of acting!). His script selection has been immaculate throughout his career(Except for Honeymoon travels may be!). I don't think that there is any other Bollywood star who has done as many intriguing movies as he has done in his not-too-long career. He is a calm and collected performer and there seems to be nothing artificial in his demeanor. That is what distinguishes him from other actors. Script of this movie is strong with a poor climax and a possible plot hole might be: The way protagonist-writer-detective is drawn towards the page 32 of his novel Manorama in a moment of epiphany. In a scene we see a scene from the Chinatown on television screen--the scene where Jack's nose was being slit. This was a reference to Chinatown because this movie seems to be a remake. The two movies pretty much unfold in the same manner but the climaxes set them very apart. The mystery of Chinatown remains unsolved and glitters-leaving the audience wondering forever, whereas Manorama makes everything solved for you type open case climax. I think this is another example of low-budget well done movie with a good narrative.
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