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Title Have You Ever...?
Message One of the fascinating things about The Couch Forum (My Favorite Forum), is the diversity of the Topics and Posts submitted thereon. So I thought I would take this opportunity to post a Topic, the subject of which most people give very little thought to. I hope it peeks your curiosity and even keen interest. "Have You Ever," while sitting at your computer, going about daily activities, or just cogitating, ruminating, ratiocinating, ever given thought to the fact that you are moving around the sun at 66,200 mph? Or that the radius of our solar system is two billion miles. Or the fact that our next closest star is 26 trillion miles away (4.2 light years). When you look at The Milky Way galaxy at night, you are looking at a spiral galaxy 120,000 to 150,000 light years across, the same galaxy which we call home. In our sister galaxy, Andromeda, a person can't help but wonder that maybe, just maybe, someone is looking back at us? Our star system is in the Orion arm of our galaxy, and our galaxy like a pin wheel, rotates around its center. How fast, who knows? Like all galaxies, all star systems, and yes, you and me, we are moving out into the vacuum of space. How fast, who knows? People often ask, where is the edge of The Universe? Matter is often defined by space, but when more space is needed by matter, as the universe expands, more space is created. Yet, on the other hand, in the vacuum of space, where nothing exists, does space even exist. So does space define matter by virtue of the fact that matter exists, or is it other way around? Be what it may, we are still citizens of The Cosmos, with intellect, will, and emotion; and person-hood, self-hood, and the gift of Life that supports it, we are a blessed creation, blessed, indeed. Sincerely, Wentworth
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