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The Zen of the Edible Garden
Title The Zen of the Edible Garden
Message The days will continue to get longer as we approach June 21st and this entails seasonal weather change. Precipitation levels drop substantially while the rate of evaporation climbs. Plants transpire far more to keep cool. This means daily irrigation becomes necessary. I harvested a nice batch of Kuroda carrots. Carrots are pretty tough and resistant to dry soil. I'm going to try a type of black carrot next. The Kale does well in heat and cold but they'll eventually hit a size in which bacterial rot ravages them. Then they begin to stink like rotting fish. My Chinese cabbage (Bok Choi) is collapsing under the heat, so I'll need to use them up. Tomatoes are summer heat tolerant. Types currently going in include Wild Cherry Tomatoes and Grape Tomatoes. Bush Beans are going in. They taste so damn good and are easy to grow. I'm trying a large heirloom zucchini one last time. The fruit flies get to the fruit before I do and the last plant got a mosaic virus that put it into suspended animation. I've got some gourds too I could turn into bottles.
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