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Title Monk's Back
Message Monk is back but no track to rap on stay up late with a phat sack to smoke on I put a rope on ya neck for close ties I got a million wise cracks for wise guys I never do so I won't never die true to myself except when I fuckin lie just like a rug snug as a bug woven in tapestries the Monk's fantasies revolve around bitches or to speak politely some kind of hot, firm, tight asian ladies I loves them... hugs them... plugs them... like a sick psycho my movements drugs them they stay in a daze for days and days I keep em all hooked up for lays and lays I have a way with a turn of phrase but much better when I blaze and blaze still take time to give praise to the most HIGH see I am a rascal ra-tion-al like Pascal add up sums like math-e-mat-ical posion to yo system like a free radical the way I catapault yo the castle's gonna fall best to hide all yo' women 'for I fucken storm the wall check it out... immaculate conception maybe God was the one gave me these suggestions I'll freshen up your whole sensation and bring a big bang to the whole damn nation frustration you will have if you try to combat the Monk eye to eye you die too like a zoo I keep an animal trapped inside unleash the beast nowhere can you fucken hide I ride a rhyme like the time ticks on a clock I get deep like a black cock I mock other races and creeds cause I got what I need I don't need to believe in yo phony foundations racing through time and space an to heavy fo' yo weigh station take it or leave it I don't give a funk cause I am the mothafucken Midnight Monk!
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