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Title The Couch Renaissance
Message Having returned to The Couch Forum after a seven year hiatus I have a few thoughts to share. In 2007 I caught "The Couch Fever," literally hanging on every word, thought, idea, or philosophy presented. In addition, the artistic permeated the website. It was replete with pictures, drawing, and poetry. After work at the office I could not wait to get home to read the latest topic or post. What an exchange of thoughts took place. Disparate positions on a manifold of subjects. One term that stuck with me was by Midnight Monk...the term was "the phenomenal manifold," which he used when referring to the universe and all creation. In fact, when trying to come up with a definition of the universe, I borrowed his term, using it in my definition. If you, per chance, would like to know my definition, it is this: The universe is an atomic micro and macro cosmic four dimensional phenomenal manifold existing in a time-space continuum. What really blows my mind is the fact that while I'm sitting here typing this entry, I'm spinning around the sun at 66,200 m.p.h. At any rate, returning to my original thoughts regarding The Couch Forum, I predict that a Renaissance will begin in 2014, one that will shock us all, and go on and on. Literally, there are thousands of people on The World Wide Web that need The Couch Forum, and the opportunity it gives for people young and old a place to express themselves. Sincerely, Wentworth DeHavilland
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