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Sabina's Cliffnotes on the Human Condition
Title Sabina's Cliffnotes on the Human Condition
Message Hi all, I'd like to place my general observations on the forementioned topic; relevant comments are welcome. 1. Stupidity has always been its own burden, and intelligence a reward. There could be no clearer justice than all facing the consequences of their own qualities. What we are is what we deserve. This alone makes any corrective idealism that nihilistically promotes escapisms from our determined pasts and the liberal's cry against injustice, an absurdity. We can't change the world, only our response to it. Control is about setting the stage, and letting things happen in accordance with probabilities. We have no absolute control as we deny absolutes altogether, but we have a mind that can deduce probabilities better than the average. We let reality validate our effectiveness or our lack thereof, of all our re/Actions. And the degree of one's self-awareness is in direct proportion to what extent one is able to affirm their past that defines them. We are our past.
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