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Title Be The Change...
Message In Honor Of Boston: Be The Change... This always makes me start to cry My last tears hadn't begun to dry We say we want the last to be the end And, yet, you find us here again Friends and family injured or dead Some blame those sick in the head Yes, some blame the bombs, the guns, the people While others send prayers under a steeple Others still are just wondering Why - - Before their time, must people die? People wonder, people blame, People pray in their Powers' name(s) And yet, overall, they do not change Except to become more deranged Repeating each and every mistake The limits of stupidity continue to break ------------------------------------------------------------------ I'm not saying I know what to do I'm not saying that at all I can hazard a guess or even a few They all start with change: So answer the call The darkness in ALL of us is the enemy We ALL are at fault: We ALL must act Choosing to open our eyes is the remedy This is our most important task Hate, you see, is the biggest disaster And one that you cannot destroy You can however choose a different master Learn to love, my friends, and enjoy -KinNaoko90 04/28/13
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