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"Fork" Society
Title "Fork" Society
Message "Fork" Society Retitled for online purposes. Come here, out of the darkness Into the bright bright light You are who and what I say you are You are the name that I chose for you You are the sex that I chose for you You are the race that I chose for you You are all and only what I chose for you Go into the world and preach as I told you to No more... and no less Follow my rules: No questions permitted Remember I dictate who you are Remember this as the years go by... The years do go by as they always do... Doubt forms in your mind You are beginning to question me "I am" Do not question me "Whyever not?!" I created you-- "Shut the HELL up!" What are you doing? "I'm defining myself!" You are who I dictate you to be! "But no longer" You cannot do-- "I am ME!" "I am not what you want me to be!" "I am who I am!" "And YOU canNOT control ME!" "I came out of YOUR darkness..." "And into MY light!" -KinNaoko90 10/02/12
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