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To The Intolerant
Title To The Intolerant
Message “To The Intolerant” So what if I am older? Your heart need not turn colder Your insults need not grow bolder To you who think it’s okay to joke About us useless older folk All it does is just provoke Did you know that I hear voices? Did you know it was not by my choices? I’d like to block out all of the noises But when I cover my tender ears I get weird looks and awful jeers It hurts that it comes from my peers My skin may be a different shade That does not mean I carry a blade It should not mean I am forbade From doing as most others do Your comments are hardly ever true And your kindnesses are far too few I may not walk the way you walk I may not talk the way you talk You do not need to laugh or gawk You do not need to point and tease You should stop without my pleas I could live if the pain would ease I happen to love a man It should not matter what I am I could be gay, bi, straight, or tran The ‘f’ word comes too often, see It is truly me I want to be And to be with one who loves me for me Do not ever try to stay my hand You will never understand It does not matter if you have planned; It does not matter if you have tried; It does not matter if you have died; To do this thing called suicide Do not ever say I am going to hell For it was not me, but you, who fell Into the acts of prejudice pell-mell All I wanted was no exception But instead I got rejection At least I no longer need protection There is no rhyme or reason why For you to make me want to cry And so I’ve decided it’s not time to die It will get better for this lonely girl As for me, I will give this a whirl To be the change I wish to see in the world Now, you see, it is up to us To take a stand and raise a fuss To do as we see fit and must We must learn to work to trust We will work together see Change this world to the best it can be Eventually we will be prejudice free And bullying will cease to be -Kin
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