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Dragging Feet On Floor While Walking?
Title Dragging Feet On Floor While Walking?
Message Why some persons tend to drag their feet on floor and make noise while walking? I have observed that it does not necessarily relate with body weight. I personally prefer making as less of noise as possible. Even when climbing up the stairs, I prefer creating no sound at all, whereas some folks create a lot of sound. Similarly while dragging chairs on floor some subjects will create a lot of noise and others won't. Then, some persons speak very loudly, even when they're in a personal conversation with someone else in an assembly or in a queue for tickets or in entrance to a hall. I don't like passersby hearing my conversation, be it on phone or with the person who stands next to me in a queue. It's not that I need to keep conversation 'low and private' only when I am surrounded by familiar persons but also when I am amongst complete strangers. My friends don't feel like keeping their voices low when we talk in public and I often ask them for doing so. What do you think this tells about various personality types? Have you observed such behavioral traits?
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