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Is Autism a product of Natural Selection?
Title Is Autism a product of Natural Selection?
Message While reading the origin of species by Charles Darwin I began to wonder whether or not certain conditions we humans "suffer", Autism in particular were due to natural selection. I was intrigued by Autism because I have two offspring heavily involved with the condition: a daughter (clinical psychologist) who counsels families of autistic children and a son who cares for 2 autistic people. Those of course are extreme cases of Autism. The majority of autistic people are more like me and you, in fact you or I may indeed be autistic to some degree. Thirty years ago, its estimated that one in every five thousand children born were autistic and today its down to one in one hundred fifty. In the UK its one in fifty, and Japan is even lower. Its an interesting phenomena. I've been reading the research of the ARC headed by Simone Baron-Cohen and find this subject so interesting. Baron-Cohen believes Autism may be due to females choosing mates that are less aggressive and more geeky (if you will). If its so that Autism is evolution in progress we are privileged to be living at such a time when we are conscious and aware of this. Its like a child watching itself grow and understanding whats its witnessing. What are your thoughts?
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