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Symptoms Of A Patronizing Attitude!
Title Symptoms Of A Patronizing Attitude!
Message What are the symptoms of a patronizing behavior or attitude while discussing with someone. Either in an online discussion or in an offline discussion-how do you come to realize that your interlocutor assumes himself to be superior,intellectually or otherwise ? An example: When someone says: '(Let us) ponder for a while...' or says 'let us contemplate upon it' Is it patronizing? or asks a few rhetoric questions/nagging ones/teasing ones-like What do you mean by it? Would you please elaborate upon it? OR tries to tear apart each and every portion of your proposition. Is it patronizing? Seems to be 'obsessive compulsive'? OR when someone says: Have a look at it: or says: Look at this: And other variations. Just curious to know,as almost all of us have been in various discussions-online/real.smiling face Feel free to comment on anything and feel free to thoroughly explore the matter. Thank You
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