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Axiology as hooey
Title Axiology as hooey
Message The ubiquitous Wikipedia defines Axiology as, "...the study of quality or value (with) the attempt (being made) to lay out principles regarding value with mathematical rigor." In short: Axiology is 'the study of values and value judgments'. Now: over in the 'Dust Bunny' sub-forum, I wrote (as cheeky aside) the following... There are no 'universals'. Thinker 13 is an autonomous individual with his own, singular, take on the world. His perspective is his alone and may or may not align with yours. The 'rightness' of Thinker's perspective, or yours, is determined solely by his, or your, capacity to assert and defend that perspective. Please note: asserting and defending a perspective has absolutely nothing to do with convincing the other guy of a damned thing (though, that may indeed figure into things), and, everything to do with simply applying one's 'self' as agent. ...this is a position I endorse completely. I offer the following as example of this position. There is a large, well-lit, sealed room. In this room are two men of similar age, build, fitness, and (insofar as such things can accurately be quantified) intelligence. One of these men is a cannibal. The other is not. The room, as I say, is sealed, and will remain sealed for exactly 30 days. Other than the men: the room contains a 30 day supply of water sufficient for both. There's nothing else to the circumstance. Now: both men understand they are, as individuals, stuck. Assuming either man can live for up to (but not beyond) 21 days without food, both men understand one, perhaps two ones, will die before the room is unsealed. Now: for the cannibal, his comrade is food, and nothing more than food. It's wholly within his axiological sphere to act accordingly from that perspective. To the cannibal: his position is 'right'. Of course: the other fellow is likely to disagree. Within his axiological sphere, his value to himself is superior to the cannibal's viewing him as 'food'. So: we have two competing axiological spheres, that is, we have two autonomous individuals, each believing himself 'right', each willing to do what is necessary to preserve what they each believe is 'right'. The 'rightness' of either is determined solely by either's capacity to assert and defend their individual perspectives (them 'selves') from the other. Therefore: Axiology, as, "...the study of quality or value (with) the attempt (being made) to lay out principles regarding value with mathematical rigor.", is hooey because other than examining the individual's axiological sphere for internal consistency, there can be no universally applicable, mathematically rigorous, value-scale. Value is wholly dependent on the capacity of one (or a group of ones) to assert and defend that value. Comments?
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