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Thou Royal Deific Holy One...Ever Thy Power exudng...Ushering, cascading, through creation. Melting, fusing, elemental stones of fire...Pemeating, pervading with phontic gradeur. Why this, Thy primal abiogenesis? Why this Thy stellar climax? Orbs Thou fling in circuitous splendor...Always breathing ...breeding Thy Cosmic children. Always inhaling...absorbing Thy spectral display. Yes, life and death are at Thy command! But why this, Thou Royal Deific Holy One?
10 1435 Apr 06, 2014
4:46 PM
By Wentworth
Jun 15, 2014
5:48 AM
topic The Zen of the Edible Garden
The days will continue to get longer as we approach June 21st and this entails seasonal weather change. Precipitation levels drop substantially while the rate of evaporation climbs. Plants transpire far more to keep cool. This means daily irrigation becomes necessary. I harvested a nice batch of Kuroda carrots. Carrots are pretty tough and resistant to dry soil. I'm going to try a type of black carrot next. The Kale does well in heat and cold but they'll eventually hit a size ...
5 188 Apr 30, 2014
11:53 AM
By Nihil Loc
May 18, 2014
3:34 PM
By Nihil Loc Last Post
topic The God Story.
There was a man in a big village his name was 'God.' He was all lonely. He had nothing to do, no need to eat, drink, sleep; he had no ego, no attachments, no knowledge, no psyche, no properties, no form and no nothing and no Dharma; yes, this makes my usage 'man' a bit questionable. So be it; the man met a woman and love was born and they procreated by divine inspiration and now divine is a questionable word; then reproductive organs were born; then their children were born. ...
24 704 Jul 22, 2012
9:24 AM
By Thinker13
Apr 19, 2014
10:58 PM
topic Monk's Back
Monk is back but no track to rap on stay up late with a phat sack to smoke on I put a rope on ya neck for close ties I got a million wise cracks for wise guys I never do so I won't never die true to myself except when I fuckin lie just like a rug snug as a bug woven in tapestries the Monk's fantasies revolve around bitches or to speak politely some kind of hot, firm, tight asian ladies I loves them... hugs them... plugs them... like a sick psycho my movements drugs...
3 140 Mar 20, 2014
7:31 PM
By Monk2400
Mar 24, 2014
1:06 PM
By KinNaoko90 Last Post
topic The Couch Renaissance
Having returned to The Couch Forum after a seven year hiatus I have a few thoughts to share. In 1997 I caught "The Couch Fever," literally hanging on every word, thought, idea, or philosophy presented. In addition, the artistic permeated the website. It was replete with pictures, drawing, and poetry. After work at the office I could not wait to get home to read the latest topic or post. What an exchange of thoughts took place. Disparate positions on a manifold o...
6 245 Feb 19, 2014
6:01 AM
By Wentworth
Mar 20, 2014
6:54 PM
By Monk2400 Last Post
topic The Couch conceals something
Few may have noticed this and it wasn't for a lack of curiosity for what might lie behind and under those cushions. Seldom was change found and much less so than bits of fluff, pebbles and dust. I'd like to propose there is an enigma sealed up inside the thing you've been sitting on all this time, while drinking coffee and shooting the breeze. The emptiness of this place is possibly due to atmosphere of a death it resembles. As with a child looking upon a grave, or a box or a...
7 469 Nov 06, 2013
2:47 PM
By Nihil Loc
Dec 13, 2013
8:58 PM
By thedoc Last Post
topic S#!t the couch says...
Thread for your own crazy quotes. Will start with one of my own: (At the Old Country Buffet) AKG: Don't sit next to me, sit in that chair there. Son: Why? I want to sit next to you! AKG: Son, this place is all-you-can-eat. I need room to expand!
6 378 Nov 15, 2013
6:38 PM
Dec 12, 2013
11:41 PM
By Monk2400 Last Post
topic Wander North?
I went to Alaska for a couple of weeks and rather enjoyed the change of state. There is somewhat of a paradox of space there, precisely from the view of an islander (Hawaii). Alaska is the largest state in the union and it is enormous. By comparison, Hawaii is the 4th smallest state in the union but is divided into even smaller islands. Accordingly there are more people living on the tiny island I call home than in the entire state of Alaska. The paradox comes in the smallness of Alaskan ...
1 262 Oct 02, 2013
9:38 PM
By Nihil Loc
Nov 05, 2013
11:57 AM
By libertygrl Last Post
topic "Fork" Society
"Fork" Society Retitled for online purposes. Come here, out of the darkness Into the bright bright light You are who and what I say you are You are the name that I chose for you You are the sex that I chose for you You are the race that I chose for you You are all and only what I chose for you Go into the world and preach as I told you to No more... and no less Follow my rules: No questions permitted Remember I dictate who you are Remember this as the years go by... T...
3 247 Aug 11, 2013
3:38 PM
By KinNaoko90
Aug 13, 2013
1:36 PM
By thedoc Last Post
topic Be The Change...
In Honor Of Boston: Be The Change... This always makes me start to cry My last tears hadn't begun to dry We say we want the last to be the end And, yet, you find us here again Friends and family injured or dead Some blame those sick in the head Yes, some blame the bombs, the guns, the people While others send prayers under a steeple Others still are just wondering Why - - Before their time, must people die? People wonder, people blame, People pray in their Powers' name(s) ...
8 140 Aug 11, 2013
3:43 PM
By KinNaoko90
Aug 12, 2013
4:48 PM
By thedoc Last Post
topic From the Indifferent
2 229 Jul 09, 2013
6:43 AM
By henry quirk
Jul 09, 2013
4:32 PM
By thedoc Last Post
topic To The Intolerant
“To The Intolerant” So what if I am older? Your heart need not turn colder Your insults need not grow bolder To you who think it’s okay to joke About us useless older folk All it does is just provoke Did you know that I hear voices? Did you know it was not by my choices? I’d like to block out all of the noises But when I cover my tender ears I get weird looks and awful jeers It hurts that it comes from my peers My skin may be a different shade That does not mean I...
0 48 Jul 08, 2013
11:58 PM
By KinNaoko90
Jul 08, 2013
11:58 PM
By KinNaoko90 Last Post
topic A Welcoming Crowd.
[Center]A Welcoming Crowd. She'd insisted he come so he decided to take the whole afternoon off work. They'd been going out for over six months and he was vaguely interested in understanding her better although he thought he had a pretty good idea of what kind of girl she was. This 'other' side to her he knew she was a little secretive about, she seemed shy of it. It had been circumspect of her not to talk about religion with him, she'd known that it wouldn't have help...
6 1540 Mar 03, 2013
3:31 PM
By Nexus
Apr 19, 2013
4:48 AM
topic What the F
Today a friend gave me a cold shoulder And I was left baffled and in wonder What the hell is the matter? Which made things rather bitter? I asked you what's wrong? You say none but kept silent all day long I mean what the fuck? As good friends, shouldn't we be talking this out? Ah hell, should I put away my pride? Or should I let you see things from my side? Shit.
4 128 Apr 10, 2013
7:22 AM
By hyena in petticoat
Apr 14, 2013
1:07 AM
By hyena in petticoat Last Post
topic Where is everybody? (1, 2)
The couch is quiet these days And my alcoholic cousin wants to install a pole On the other side of the coffee table. I said to him, "I'm sorry Tim, this place is for discussions not a gentleman's porn fantasy." He said to me, About his girlfriend Bree, "But she'll bring a proper crowd dancing on that pole and we could sell drinks too." "No Tim. Get a grip. You're really a triple shot mind trip" And on that note, swinging and swigging his b...
33 706 Dec 29, 2012
10:12 PM
By Nihil Loc
Apr 09, 2013
5:06 AM
By hyena in petticoat Last Post
topic The Book Sellers.
[center]The Book Sellers. It was a long street right bang in the city centre. Meandering toward the red light district as it did it attracted only the business of greasy cafés, humdrum pubs, hostels, small novelty stores and noticeably - to a pedestrian new to the city who may have strayed into the zone - second-hand bookshops. They congregated close like a species apart scared of losing grip, perhaps succumbing to higher rates and rents should the lap dancers leave and be replaced by more r...
0 131 Apr 06, 2013
8:03 AM
By Nexus
Apr 06, 2013
8:03 AM
By Nexus Last Post
topic Inane and Superfluous Emesis
The garroting was slow but the skewing was not. To top it all off was the quick chopping of the top off. The body fell down the old steps, head rolling apart and singing, or sounding, as it tumbled. Loyal Groyel Moompy St. Berntard, well ruffled and wrapped in a brilliant crimson ritual coat, threw his gavel into the crowd where it hit a big gong and sparked the attention of the crowd. Claps and yells issued in a motley unison.As the severed head made its way to the bottom of the steps the ...
3 474 Feb 20, 2013
11:30 PM
By Nihil Loc
Feb 25, 2013
4:47 PM
By JohnsonSmith Last Post
topic Trooper
[center]Trooper. I knew, somehow, that I didn't have a long shelf life. In my line of work you have to be prepared for the worst, that at any moment you could be no more. Yet I did believe I'd entered a retirement of sorts and all the signs were that I now had a loving home with people who cared for me. If only I hadn't given in to curiosity when I saw that gap under the fence and realised a bit of digging would get me out. Curiosity isn't supposed to be the defining character...
2 1042 Oct 13, 2012
3:12 PM
By Nexus
Feb 21, 2013
3:18 PM
By thedoc Last Post
topic Two Extremes
Two Extremes In 'Two Extremes' we bring people together from - yes you guessed it - completely different backgrounds, to see how they manage living with each other for, not a day, not two days, but one whole week! To add to the drama they'll also be hoping to meet somebody who might just become that 'somebody special'. We aim to prove the theory that opposites attract by taking a man and a woman who, if they looked at the details of the other's life on paper, would pr...
0 272 Jan 26, 2013
5:23 PM
By Nexus
Jan 26, 2013
5:23 PM
By Nexus Last Post
topic Back
[center]Back. The hotel room had been expensive; he'd exchanged a good portion of his traveller's cheques now and had plenty of money but since leaving the plane had felt uneasy. The cash seemed like all that stood between him and destitution. The room was tiny but cosy; he watched the television news for the first time in eight years without the weariness that would have once been usual. Without thinking about it he'd plugged back into a contingency - weather reports, murders, fa...
5 449 Dec 21, 2012
12:17 PM
By Nexus
Jan 09, 2013
2:54 PM
By Nexus Last Post
topic In The Gentleman's Arms
[center]In The Gentleman's Arms. 'The Gentleman's Arms' this one is called. Third in five years, I get bored I suppose. It's 'ard work running a pub, you should try it. It may look like we - landlords that is - are just standing around most of the time - pulling the occasional pint, nattering to the locals, gazing at the telly, but it's as 'ard if not 'arder than your average job. You're on show like, that's 'ard enough. It's stressful '...
1 634 Nov 26, 2012
6:21 PM
By Nexus
Jan 06, 2013
1:32 PM
By libertygrl Last Post
topic Jack and Jill
[center]Jack and Jill. Jack and Jill, if they'd been asked - but of course they never were - would probably have said they were in love. Nearly two years of marriage had passed and they still felt quite excited about being with each other. Jill was only working part-time and would get back to their cosy semi and feel how secure they were now with their new mortgage and a house full of solid furniture and dependable gadgets. When she got home before her husband she would plunge into the co...
3 1212 Sep 14, 2012
6:41 PM
By Nexus
Oct 03, 2012
2:21 PM
By libertygrl Last Post
topic The Latest Gad-get.
[center]Latest Gad-get. It did everything. Seemingly unlimited memory - all her existing music and photos could probably be stored a thousand times over. It was so small and yet contained so much power. Last night they'd watched a movie - her and a few mates from work - the Gad-get had projected it onto the wall and pumped surround sound to her speaker system. Now she was surfing at furious speed, checking all her favourite sites, her blog and Facebook page. She watched a clip of a celebr...
3 371 Aug 01, 2012
8:42 AM
By Nexus
Aug 22, 2012
5:01 PM
By thedoc Last Post
topic WHO OR WHAT ?
SOMEONE CAME KNOCKING ? Someone came knocking on my wee small door , someone came knocking im sure sure sure , i listened i opened i looked to left and right , but naught there was a stirring in the still dark night , only the busy beetles tap tapping on the wall,, only from the forest the screech owls call , so i know not who came knocking at all, at all, at all . .............................................................
1 106 Aug 13, 2012
5:15 AM
Aug 13, 2012
5:18 AM
topic A POEM
5 92 Aug 05, 2012
2:20 PM
Aug 07, 2012
5:00 AM
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