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Posted 03/07/08 - 11:40 PM:
Subject: Man in a Box (poetry)
or an egg...

Some signs are subliminally ubiquitous in time and space.

They can't be controlled (delineated or cut) easily as one might learn how to build a house by taking it apart in steps.

As such, the blue print of the "man in a box" is not available to us in a way that satisfies a majority (the species).

All we have is the blue print of any one model, concrete manifestation, of a "man in a box."

Presuppose there are infinite meanings to the sign "man in a box" and we establish any one of them based on what it signifies as a "man in a box."

There are as many models as there are meanings of a "man in a box."


I see myself where I would see a man
Sitting, quietly...
In a room that wasn't his own...

An animal watched by a white coat
In one cage in one room in one building

In a girl's uterus.

The man gets up and shouts angrily
"This body is my box" and "I'm no where"

An an alien voice rebounds from the edge of space
"This body is my box"

"I am no where."

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