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Posted 11/23/07 - 2:24 PM:
Subject: Secret Agent
Secret Agent

It was clear that I would become
A secret agent
Or perhaps some kind of
Detective, undercover cop,

When my brothers,
During one of those dream-filled
Car journeys
Into Derbyshire countryside,

Or elsewhere,
When my brothers
Agreed and said
"Andrew might be a detective",

In that mad fantasy aspect
Of the playful childhood mind
Deadly serious
About its misguided schemes.

To be a secret agent, my real ambition,
I must hold those secret tendencies
Close to my chest,
That card pack of secret emotion.

Nobody knows
Nobody will know
Nobody knows
Who or what I am.

Why this secrecy
Tendency this
Move to isolation to
Perfecting the Roger Moore

Raised eyebrow and
Sense of irony
Around ten or
Eleven and even earlier,

I was trotting along
With a fair wind of
Happy tidings no

Nasty gale gusting
Through my shutters though
There was this
Turning from

The treasures of the
Internal world in
A secretive

A secret
Bowing out from
Certain congregations
Of others around,

A shy yet strangely
Cool and cold,
As well,
Knife like withdrawel from the world

At moments.
The lot of a secret agent his
Demands it.

The mission
Necessary as mum's not
Loving daddy as she ought
Daddy's not

Loving son and sons
As a daddy should,
Mummy's not mummying
(Just mummifying)

Her mummy's boy world
Of three young ones like
Nature history humanity suggest
She could and might do;

No it's
Cold war schemes
To let them go on like
Missiles bred in

Bunkers waiting
For the nuclear
Of maturity where

The inner world
Will suddenly
Give its fearsome

To destroy its own potential,
Nuclear implosion; the
Cold war gone

Cold again and all
The bombs never
Used but lying
Deadly in the

Trash heaps hidden.
Somethings now got to
Be done but
The secret agent's only

Got his training
To count on.

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Posted 11/30/07 - 10:56 PM:

hi nexus,

the themes of this poem remind me a lot of al pacino's character in "heat". also a bit of bond in "casino royale".

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