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Posted 11/22/07 - 6:49 AM:
The Unspoken - A News Report...

Hello and welcome to The Couch News. First of all tonight a report on the unspoken. Journalists and all other media realms, mothers and fathers, teachers and doctors, friends and brothers don't talk about the unspoken. Or , the darkness (if you are of that persuasion). Even novelists, they only point to it really or suggest. Philisophers have ideas that confound and compound it (because they cannot say IT). Well here's something I wrote long ago which might spread some 'light' upon it:

The No Go Zone

There's the
No go
I will go.
For talks sake
We don't talk about
The sad
Unless you're with someone
In lucky lucky
Love where
You do share a thing or two;
Give sadness a kick up the backside
There's the
No go
Zone where
You find all the ways you can
To ignore defy
Deny loneliness;
Pretend it does not exist there
Isn't darkness in your heart..
That's the
No go
Zone. We will go there
Probably only skirting it in day consciousness
As it's very hard to feel
So we say it's no go.

Simple, and written many years ago but some lucidity. That strange thing that can occur whilst composing verse.

Well, the 'newsreader' has swerved away from his initial tone somewhat. Well that doesn't matter because the tone was a means of demonstrating newsreader consciousness. Why do we accept that the awful 'facts' of the world should be read formally to the viewer however many times a day as if, really this is the presupposition, as if THEY were really the facts/truth of contemporary reality. Of course they are not. What they do is organise the darkness and the unspoken. When we say so many people have died in Iraq or who has perished in the latest domestic drama or child abduction drama we touch the darkness but do not 'go into it'. Why? Because we just don't do that because these are the cavernous realms unreachable by science and everyday discourse. So, who goes there?

Do you go there?
Of course, a little, or a lot depending on temperament and facility. Now I would say facility is down to experience and how well you have come to terms with experience. In other words maturity. You only know maturity when you are in it and because it is PAINFUL. Like Neitszche said, you look at the void but hopefully do not gaze into it. If you do, well you may have looked too long at the unspoken to ever....

Let's not go there. Well. those quiet moments before getting up and before losing consiousness, when getting dressed.... It does seem true that the business and activity of the world is just what it seems; noise and nonsense. That's when you get a bit older. Perhaps when in your early twenties you view it in a cramped elevator whilst hung over but shrug it off because you are still awe struck by your own uniqueness or the perceived complexity of the world or the beauty of that girl (or boy!)...

Yet the gulf does not got any more narrow. We are living beings; we are dying nothings; the Grand Canyon for us is the same size but getting bigger. Yet that is all unspoken, except here for now just for a while.

I had my period, the last year or two when i got a bit closer to the edge than was necessary

because................ well just because i could. Could meaning dissaffection with romantic love and career potential as posited by the social game. Because because I just couldn't keep repeating the same old stories to myself with a straight face anymore. Because because death came back again to me in utterly unconceptual terms and hence too harsh for words. The no go zone. So we just gaze but it's no good. Yes, you get back down to the business of living and starkness fades... and it was never that stark. It was a light in the desert darkness you couldn't shield your eyes from; it was the reoccuring ailment of the psyche. Yet you can't call it an ailment because that is just the way out that isn't a way out.

Do you remember how the unspoken came in childhood? The dark night when somehow the cosy stories would no longer comfort and you stared into the darkness with terror. That is a real palpable darkness before you that holds no answers just IS; now it is more made a matter of mind. Which of you these days get up at 3am and looks into a dark room without presumption or thought but with an innocent naked fear? Even as kids it was just momentary.

The unspoken.
I will speak no more.
And, the weather tommorow.......................................... .......................

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Posted 11/30/07 - 9:45 PM:

timothy leary called it The Chapel Perilous
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