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Posted 09/27/07 - 1:17 PM:
Subject: outdone
I hate being outdone.

Yet I cant help but be outdone. All the time. Evryday.

Its damnd frustrating.

On my bike. In my office. On the web. In print. In the gym. With the measuring tape.

I crave Akira powrs. But what destructive force would I unleash, that could not be stoppd?

Until all is rubble around me.

A fit of rage, the powr of creation.

To create a serene and peaceful debris field.

No more contests. No more measurements. No more chattr.

Just silence.

Then fear.

Then weeping.

Then exhaustion.


I hate being outdone.

Nihil Loc
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Posted 09/27/07 - 4:04 PM:

Isn't this sort of terrible to admit, M.M.?

Denied of fulfillment and the objects of love, I would rather have the world destroyed too, in a little fit of Voldemortian tantrum.
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Posted 09/27/07 - 5:59 PM:

yeah, its one of those facts of life that theres naught to do but get ovr it...

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Posted 10/02/07 - 2:29 PM:

takes a bow

thank you david! reservoir it is. Of knowledge. insight, and creation.

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Avatar Morgena
Posted 10/05/07 - 4:00 PM:

You are the treasured person with all the knowledge you’ve developed during your life. Thanks for sharing it so openly with us.

Thank you!

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Posted 01/17/08 - 7:44 PM:

I don't much like being outdone either.

I did read a real interesting article today on the evolution of human intelligence, though, in part dealing specifically with language. Here's some of it:

We don't really know why it took us as long to evolve as we did, but I think there's a strong suggestion that language couldn't have evolved before other things were in place. First of all, you have to have something worth saying. What's the use of having long, flowery sentences if you have nothing interesting to communicate? If chickens had language, what would they talk about? Nothing terribly interesting.

(...) I think human evolution couldn't just have been driven by social completion, by people gossiping and plotting against each other, because that's the equivalent of taking in one another's laundry; it doesn't get you anywhere. I think social intelligence coevolved with physical intelligence -- figuring out how the world works. It gives you a reason to hang out together because you can accomplish things that one person couldn't, and it creates an environment in which know-how is that much more worth having because you can share it with your buddies and your kids. And so the costs of a big brain are repaid if everything you know can be multiplied in terms of sharing it with other people

Interesting stuff. The whole thing can be found here --

It got me thinking why I spend so little time communicating with people and much more time by myself advancing my own interests in life. And I realized I tend to get so much more done when doing it myself, that others - if the atmosphere is purely communal - tend to slow me down, whereas if the atmosphere is competetive, if I am outdone and feel that edge of wanting to outdo, is when collaborative efforts propel me forwards.
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