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Posted 09/26/07 - 10:49 PM:

I like pessimism and negation Dr. davidwayne. A counterpoint would be just as entertaining.

"Who am I?" was the question of some body clutching a paunch across the table.
Two people were involved a meter apart while it passed between him.
The visceral fire arose seething in one, and the other felt nothing.
"I am my paunch" in this moment, says I.

They both said somewhere a part in time and place the same thing: "Who am I" and the words slid like the relevance of obsolete telephone numbers into curbside drains. One was over here a 2:30 pm and was aroused. The other was over there twenty years ago at 1:30 pm and felt the same thing.

Much of the time between the asking and even in th time of asking there was felt to be no little difference or no great distance between anybody ever: to ask, says I, "who am I" inflicts the same silence upon the self, of ages, of spaces between nodes of eyes (I).

Not to ask, but to decide on Greek over Indian for the night, to throw a ball or underline a sentence.

Such behavior enjoins the orders of our memorials, ghosts arising, paunching one another: What I mean is "ghosts punching our paunches"
There they are, holding I with precision dots, curtsy and coughs before a podium, before a war, a world, or a host of eyes.

Nothing came out of a mouth that needed to say of all eyes, one was different, in any essential way.

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