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ONE vs MANY: Deciding on the Supreme Ultimate

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Posted 02/10/12 - 4:53 PM:

Great thread.
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Posted 02/16/12 - 3:59 PM:

Midnight_Monk wrote:

Now, there is something tempting about suggesting that yes indeed all views are constructd in this mannr, that views themselves define individual universes, but when I think on this I am temptd to imagine them all slipping away towards a final absolute Point in which their individual 'truths' are absorbd, integratd, or annihilatd. Is that my personal bias? Or can we decide between these two metaphysical conditions?

And re-reading the OP, I am tempted to come to the same conclusion again. That reality is myriad, many, but that each individual reality slips away into an absolute which is singular, perfect, and whole.

The implication is that anything 'underneath' this Absolute is part of the unfolding of a particular reality, all of which is unique to each locus of consciousness. Heavens and hells and all of that are dramas being played in infinite existential theatres. The final Absolute is and can only be ONE, and it admits of no division, no opposition, no debate. The all and naught shall never help those on the path of reason to discover the 'true' nature of the world, for the word is always a relative appearance. Only a return to the Absolute reveals final 'truth' through complete obliteration of all possible distinctions.

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