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Posted 08/26/07 - 11:05 AM:

for everyone's information, sleepwalker has been banned. he (or she) had responded to having a post moderated by insulting me in a private message, and is now welcome to take his (or her) enlightenment elsewhere. anyone who is interested in continuing their debate with sleepwalker can do so at, where he or she posts under the name nightrider:
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Posted 08/26/07 - 9:02 PM:

Why would we want to continue, the debate would surely end in meaninglessness.
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Avatar Paul
Posted 08/28/07 - 5:25 AM:

Heh, he seems to have posts all over the web under numerous names devoted to praising the god-like genius "colin leslie dean" (possessor of 9 degrees who vanquished death) who is no doubt himself. He even posts yahoo answers questions about himself to try to create interest. Must be a very persistent spam campaign, delusions of greatness, or most likely both.

Edited by Paul on 08/28/07 - 5:37 AM
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Avatar beans
Posted 08/28/07 - 10:08 AM:

Eldras tried and failed; charlatans will be found out in time...
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Avatar e.
Posted 08/28/07 - 3:23 PM:


There is a good deal of spin out there, and we catch our share. The posters I miss are the obviously genuine ones who pop in but don't stay. Like when someone interjects a really useful point into a conversation and then doesn't say anything else!

I find that a very zen experience.

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Avatar Morgena
Posted 09/03/07 - 12:05 PM:

Well, I can’t speak for all the others who went for whatever their reasons are to leave. It can happen, that I write about an issue where others aren’t interested in the subjected and therefore nobody replies. For example, I miss my good old pal mixi, tonight I will send him a mail to see how he is doing so far. If somebody else is interested to get in contact with him, I would be more than happy to give him/her mixi’s mail address.

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