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Posted 08/24/07 - 1:55 PM:
Subject: She Is
I am the narrator

I am the charactrs

as they dance across the cosmic page
revealing cold trails
of my initial velocity

I make the paths

I walk the roads

well worn winding ways
weft and warped worlds
and words

I am the author

I set the stage

writing the scenes that unfold
before me
I see my desires unveiled

She is the heroine

She is the antagonist

cold metal
breaks wood into
many splinters

She is the dream

She is the distant

Monkey chases rabbit
hiding in the brush

She is the exotic

She is the mundane

I rail against her fences
stoic defenses
unchanging metal bars

I am a prisoner

She is a flower

Golden and light shining
from a dark cornr
of the Nevr

She is my poem

I am the author
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Posted 08/24/07 - 2:05 PM:

I find it intrsting how we write our own stories. All the more so when we collect around us more than we need, and suffr for want of having the things we desire, barrd from our grasp by our own tentatively held vaguely defind values, if not strongly erectd gates and walls--placd there to keep out, or keep in, who can say.

We can have anything we want in life, so long as we dont want and not-want the same thing at the same time, or want two things that exclude each othr. The inconsistency of our desires is a burdn to humankind. Its no wondr that some of our spiritual traditions urge us to let go of desires, and thence of conflict. But we want to want, because it makes us feel good. I love wanting, but find I end up wanting the getting too much to endure it as a passing fancy. Clinging too tightly to the view of 'self' and the idea that this, here, is my canvas upon which to compose my reality.

But do I truly create the narrative I voice, or does reality write me and my charactr, with its foilables and failings, placing me in humourous proximity to the things I desire to tempt and tantilize?


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Posted 08/24/07 - 11:57 PM:

beautiful poem. i love the fluidity of the pronouns "i" and "she", the invisible shapes they create from one moment to the next, the way they form fuzzy boundaries around the person and the metaphor. i dig it.
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Posted 08/25/07 - 5:09 AM:

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