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Posted 07/08/07 - 10:51 AM:

for everyone's information, iammyaspectofus has been banned from the couch for another hostile attack against a couch member, after having previously been warned, more than once. he appears to be on a personal mission to get himself banned from every forum in existence, and my patience has been exhausted in this matter. if anyone would like to get in touch with him by email, let me know by PM.

Nihil Loc
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Posted 07/08/07 - 1:59 PM:

Poor Iammy. Recently he has seemed severely agitated.
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Avatar e.
Posted 07/08/07 - 4:31 PM:


I think we've all learned something. I tried hard to keep Iammy onside; but I didn't manage it. Maybe he has issues that are too big for him just now.

You know, I have seen this happen quite a few times, both in 3d and on the web.


Edited by e. on 07/08/07 - 4:37 PM
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Posted 07/09/07 - 12:10 PM:

I know that aspect of us.
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