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Posted 07/01/07 - 3:13 PM:

Thank you davidwayne, thank you for your praise and to support you is my pleasure.
but I am not worthy of all of that.
Our perspicacity’s are complementary in a world of, at times, seemingly larger unified perspectives, and that are each competing for the loyalties of the living. In that climate, friendship can be hard to find.

It is your natural gift of writing poetry while in your truth that was the first gift received in this instance; the first authentic hello in this exchange. We have given each other what we each needed, and we have received it.

But to think again, it is Libertygrl’s creation of this space to express ourselves this way that is the another gift to notice; I love this place. We as persons are reasonably safe beyond the reach of distractively dissenting ridicules here, a quality that other forums fail for the most part, there is a unique quality of permission here please wait to discover more of it with me and find more friends.

We are fortunate to have discovered each other this way. I cannot stand on your shoulders to appear above the souls of this forum; I am too big and fat, you wouldn’t be able to hold me for long and I would fall in shame. But I will stand with you in testament to our complimentary realities. Stand with you in acknowledgment and praise of the healing dynamics of our new friendship and in acceptance of all others holistically.

I have aspired to write with the grace you have expressed here. I think you have come here, in part, to remind me of my natures that would make that possible. The trades we have and will make are priceless my friend.

My wife says that we are both sappy, but in a good way. I think that is her way of saying that we are speaking from our eternally flowing essences. It would be understandable that some people think it is too messy and sticky a way to communicate. But people have to add the sweetness of life in their own ways and measures and prefer to pick their own trees too.
If mine is unequaled, as you have said, it is only because we are all unique and unequaled in our natural dynamic. We should all shine on and as you have demonstrated that we can, and so we will.
This thread is a song, keep singing, and I will keep harmonizing with you, and together we will entertain the universe.

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