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Posted 06/21/05 - 12:34 AM:
Subject: Who's Online
Whenever I visit a site I have a habit of both glancing across the newest posts and threads on the main page and also checking to see who else is on? It happens quite often on this site that I'll see someone logged in, and, getting all cheery and hoping to strike up a conversation, I'll log in, scroll back down, and there's only me. Now, maybe I scare people away, and maybe it's happened too many times to be people actually logging out at the time. There seems to be a gliche where it often shows the last people to be on, though oftentimes, it shows no one.

child of the stars

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Posted 06/21/05 - 2:16 AM:

yes.. i have a feeling it's because the site holds on to a 'log on' for a while, without real activity of the person
but then under certain conditions, (time,...) erases the log-on anyway...
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Avatar Paul
Posted 06/21/05 - 7:21 AM:

The list doesn't update until the index page is loaded. So if person x was online at 3 AM and nobody (not even a search engine spider or the like) visits until 7 AM, then the person who was on at 3 AM will still be listed as online during that first page load. I'll see if I can put something in the next version to prevent that.
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