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Posted 04/22/07 - 12:54 PM:
Subject: phat lewts

is it right to remain in discontent with everything, nothing short of heaven?
i still haven't found what i am looking for...maybe i am looking for too much?
is it right to settle and slip into ease, never to wonder what more could please?
i still haven't found, what i'm looking for.
am i
what is the calling to that draws us away, for pleasure to higher, what to awake?
is it right to ignore this like a thorn in your side? to not look at, to ignore, this longing to hide?
i still haven't found what im looking for. should i keep looking?

lore of belief,
in love,
true love,
a fool hearty release?

can you find a shadow? can i see what is pure? consider both and i wonder, what more?
i am looking, longing for lore, to know, understand, to feel like i'm your.
i am yours, you are mine, who would i meet that could sing in time.
not out of it, not from it, not an escape drowning in wine.
to last forever, to be together, who are you? she is mine!

i still haven't found what i'm looking for


will i ever?

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Posted 04/23/07 - 12:02 AM:

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Avatar Paul
Posted 04/25/07 - 10:48 AM:

No, but you should keep looking anyway, hope is a motivator which keeps life interesting.

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Posted 05/01/07 - 2:16 PM:

... ah, sorry... what's the question again...?

... I guess it depends on what you're looking for...

... some of us look for things that were never there...

... some of us look for things that can only be found within us, yet we only look outside...

... sometimes it's not having what you want, but wanting what you have...


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Avatar Morgena
Posted 05/01/07 - 3:40 PM:

It all depends on priorities, which can be individual, as we both do know very well. Tell you more about on a PM.

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