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Posted 05/10/05 - 11:38 AM:
Subject: Cruelty & Beauty (Part II)
Here are some more meditations on the cruelty of beauty (beauty of cruelty?) -- enjoy smiling face


~More than This~

Bathing in the sweat of you
like a seal announcing to the sharks
that dinner's on the move.
You tease my tender needle-marks.

You ask me if it's worth the wait.
I say: c'mon, baby, let's find out.
My wardeness, most potent potentate,
let's shake the topsy temple down.

But you know better than that.
You like the fact I'm so unclean.
But once I finally lay you flat,
you'll be just as mean as me.

So, we sit on the edge of the abyss ...
I hope we're both sucked in.
Sometimes we hold hands and kiss.
I guess we have somethin'...
but I wanted so much more than this.


~A Kingdom by the Sea~

Dew-bespattered, porcelain face,
hair as pale as Sun's first rays,
smile as wet as the ocean sprays
that hold sway o'er this place.

Each grain of sand,
each smell in the ether,
my creeping, clammy hand
suffused in both or either;
my tide at your command.

What torment, what torrent,
what pleasure can e'er rent
the sin from the errant
who dwell here in arbitrement
of crabs, dead fish,
and the fossils of fallen angels?



On a good day, I look wolfish,
on a bad day, like a crow.
I'm not worthy of you,
no, but I'd kiss your little toe,
if only you'd let me,
and worship you so.

I guess I can't do what he does.
I guess I can't say what he says.
I guess I can't be that cruel, that callous.
I guess I just can't force my way ...
past anyone, into anything.

You're like the sun to me,
and I'm just a shadow to you.
Touch your foot down,
won't you touch your foot down...
on me?

Just once -- make it worth it,
just once -- please give meaning...
to my misery.



The razor tickles as it slices,
my blood trickles, your eyes get wide.
Yet another of your devices
to own me, to get your tongue inside.
You lick it up, lap it up, lash me lustily.
Your satin dress, so red, so frilly.
Your skin so ivory, marmorean.
Your eyes so ebony, they hold me in
thrall to you. The choker on your throat
binds me close to you. We sink into a moat
of lust and life, and I lie by your side,
as you prepare to have me modified...
that I might better serve you, Milady,
that I might become one with Thee.


~Eaten Alive~

Dark-brown consumes me slowly,
there is no pink left --
nor the vermilion of blood
which one time crept
through the courses of my veins.

Now only pain. Now only regret.

I hear the raven sharpen his beak: rrret rrret.
I dare not speak, lest oh lest
he find me lying here, and sing me to rest.

The Goddess of War, with her shining flesh,
wet to the touch with soldier's sweat,
with her shining armor of amour,
beckons to me,
but I can't fight anymore.

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Posted 05/11/05 - 9:11 AM:

lovely, d. kingdom by the sea is my fave in this group.

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Posted 05/12/05 - 11:34 AM:

Thanks, Lib smiling face
child of the stars

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Posted 05/12/05 - 1:21 PM:

you are a master, Einzige

i love Eaten Alive and Elizabeth, but they're all great, really
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