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Posted 08/13/06 - 11:54 AM:
Subject: The ballad of Jim Crow
The same tired words of the imperialist hype

Pick a brush and paint it all ivory tower white

There's a new plot to hide the motivated race
That still finds its targets in the same old place

Mass media
The tired gimmickry of real life soap opera

And phobia
Steal from the man to create the new era

It's a new spin on ideological torture
On planet America and Grand Theft Culture

Don't you call this imperialist
And don't you go saying it's racialist
The new key word here is culturist
Brought to you by the benevolent fascist
He's working so hard to rewrite history
Cleopatra comes off as white on my tv
Caucasian is a word for imperialist freak show
And he's still singing the ballad of Jim Crow

Not too bold
History a currency paid for in white gold

Mass trauma
Empower your kind when ancient tales are told

Rob people blind of civilisations they built
And do credit yourself without showing guilt

Make a neat profit from the partisanship

A utopist
So racist
Takes offense and yells 'hypocrite censorship'

Keep the system that's a mockery of justice
And invite some more of the passive prejudice

Don't you call this imperialist
And don't you go saying it's racialist
The new key word here is culturist
Brought to you by the benevolent fascist
He's working so hard to sound good musically
Rock n' roll the all white show on my tv
Caucasian is a word for the grand illusion show
And he's still singing the ballad of Jim Crow

I feel alone
I looked real hard and saw no races to find

As they study bones
Create clones
And see different species for the human mind

I had to use their own words to fight their dope
And now they paint me racist so I'm losing hope

Don't you call this imperialist
And don't you go saying it's racialist
The new key word here is culturist
Brought to you by the benevolent fascist
He's working hard to "invent" civilisation
Erased Africa from the human equation
Caucasian is a word for the domination show
And he's still singing the ballad of Jim Crow

it's a Rap...


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Posted 08/14/06 - 12:08 AM:

like it...

(hope you're a rage against the machine fan, as they were the background as I read this =)

while hearing the push behind it with a voice might deepen the experience, something shoved the comfort I was taking for granted nonetheless...

thumb up

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Posted 08/15/06 - 9:08 PM:

i had never heard the expression "jim crow" before i read this. turns the stomach. i also recently found out in my cultural diversity class that capitalism is founded on exploitation, plain and simple (a principle which many people theorize is at the root of racism). i always knew that capitalism sucked but i didn't know it was just openly acknowledged that the whole point was to exploit people.

turns the stomach.

kudos to you, oxy, for taking a stand. (not all caucasians are evil though, so don't be a hater, yo. that's my rap. heart )

i'd love to see you & MM get together someday to perform your stuff at a real open mic. e., too!

thumb uplib

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Posted 08/16/06 - 12:00 AM:

Hes not a hater
Hes a lover

He just gets angery like we all do.
He is tired of being attacked for having a powerfull and open mind.

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Posted 08/16/06 - 6:08 PM:

Thanks for the nice replies.

I do like Rage Against The Machine, Maya, epsecially the first album. They had an energy that was uniquely their own, mixing up rock, funk, hip hop and the blues and delivering it with some major intensity.

No worries, Lib, how can I be a hater (of caucasians) when I am one? It's imperialist ideologies I have something against, and right now, caucasians simply enjoy this position where they have the means to implement imperialist motives and live by what I've come to define as the 'Culture of Domination.'

Racism developed along the lines of Imperialism to establish the 'Culture of Domination' different nations (and mainly caucasian, though also a few Asian ones) came to have, and they are invariably a mix of racialism and imperialism. The USA are such a nation, sadly, as its history shows. The USA effectively fall into the category of 'slave nation' and it is believed the first such nation was the Roman Empire, which is also believed to be the first nation to introduce the notions of 'race' and, of course, 'racism' in Europe (and the world). In my interpretation, Slavery was, effectively, the first form of savage capitalism (public sector), and our modern form of capitalism (private sector) borrowed certain ideas from the totalitarian regimes which relied on slave labour: Exploitation of the masses (proletarians) to benefit the few (owners) for profit. I use the word 'proletarian' because, for some time, there were no unions and few laws to prevent savage capitalism, which may be gone in the West, but not entirely gone where the West still meets few barriers to more fully exploit the workers.

Think of Taiwan, China, and a few other areas in the world where many workers serve as cheap labour for (mainly) Western corporations, and you'll see how the proletarian state we no longer suffer here still exists, though some would argue minimum wage qualifies as proletarianism (which I do not entirely disagree with).

Nothing serves imperialist motives more than systematic racism. They go hand in hand. It's quite impossible for a nation (from what I've read and came to conclude) to implement an imperialist foreign strategy (expension-conquest) and prove to be something other than imperialistic in terms of its internal policies (segregation-racism). The imperialist mindset makes this impossible, as the dominating culture, effectively, the imperialists in any given nation, seek control both within and without. Racism makes the process easy because its based, mainly, on phenotypes (physical attributes) or, in some cases, ethnicity (which many people confuse with race, and often, in racist nations, the lines between what is a racial group and what is an ethnic group are blurred when they are not made to be nonexistant entirely). In the USA, the lines were blurred by dehumanising 'negroes' and not specific African origins, because black people did belong to a variety of cultures (and hence, ethnic groups) and had varying phenotypes (different skin complexions) but they were all defined, nonetheless, as the same thing.

This may explain why, in many nations, especially predominantly 'white nations' the group most discriminated against has almost invariably been people of African descent. It could be defined as 'the opposite phenotypical group' meaning that black people were the most visibly different to whites. It facilitates the racist process.

Post-civil war, all the southern states had Jim Crow laws (and even a few northern ones). While a few targeted all minority groups, most of these laws specifically aimed to discriminate 'negroes.' And this was a mere extension of 'the black codes' which were laws in the norther part of the USA (mainly from 1830 to 1860, pre-civil war) that were all specifically made to discriminate against black people.

Many have argued that Affirmative Action was a Jim Crow law in disguise. In the way it was built (which was quite a farce) that argument does hold some validity.

Here's where many people have a hard time properly defining the brand of racism took place in the USA. They tend to define pre-civil war racism as active, post-civil war racism as passive, and post-civil rights act of 1964 racism as... 'nonexistant.'

Here's how it should actually be defined: Pre-civil war racism was active and extreme. Post-civil war racism was active, and post-civil rights act of 1964 racism went from a mix of active and passive to mainly passive (with occasional active manifestations). And all this racism, which used to be systematic and institutionalised, became social and, in part, still institutionalised to this very day.

Think of it this way: Active Racism is a means to create a system which priviledges a group of people. Passive Racism is a means to maintain it once its in place. The latter is where America (as much as some Americans don't like to see it this way) is at today.

I could go on and on about this, when it comes to the US's history or Racialism, and I could go back much further in time and show how White Imperialism (as early as the Roman Empire and perhaps even all the way back to Ancient Greece) was bent on three things:

1.Defining 'Caucasians' as 'The Superior Race.'

2.Defining 'Negroes' (and later, Native Americans) as 'The Most Inferior Races.

3.Rewriting history to better promote these ideals, in a manner where Europe gradually erased the 'Memory of African history' to credit itself with all the contributions the first Great African Civilisations brought to the world (especially, but not limited to, Ancient Egypt).

The case of Ancient Egypt is interesting. It was rather impossible to make it look like there had never been a great civilisation there, and to this day, it is refered to as 'The Cradle of Civilisation.' So how was history corrupted? A controversy was generated as to the 'race' of the ancient civilsation which built Ancient Egypt, and it was made to look like a combination of white peoples (Europeans and early Middle East populations) settled there and built this civilisation. Matter of factly, I can challenge anyone here to find a film which features egyptians in which they are black (-Cleopatra comes off as white on my tv- refers to this) and they are depicted as having a pale complexion in most of modern art...

... but you can't beat DNA-Genetics tests.

They were indigenous to Africa (mainly Guana and Ethiopia) and Ancient Egyptians were very, very black. nod

Ok... I'll stop now. laughing
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