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Posted 08/03/06 - 12:49 PM:
Subject: the couchf forum newsletter
hello everyone,

i want to start publishing a newsletter for the couch forum.

as some of you already know, this is something that was being talked about at another forum that i used to frequent and i don’t know if it ever came to fruition. in any case, i’ve always liked the idea of doing a newsletter and it’s something i want to make a reality here at the couch. many forums, as you may know, offer monthly newsletters by email, but i’m talking about doing something a little different.

this is how i would like to see it work:

the newsletter will be published quarterly, in PDF format, sized for 8.5” x 11” paper, and distributed by email to a recipient list of individuals who have subscribed to the list. the reason for distributing in PDF format is that i would like for people to be able to print hard copies for themselves (and also to share with friends or whatever). down the line i would like to progress toward distributing the newsletter in a hard copy format. for now, we’ll start with PDF.

we could call the newsletter “the couch forum newsletter”, but i’d love to hear your suggestions for a better title. i’ve always been partial to the title “inklings” but maybe we could put some suggestions together for a title and vote on it.

submission guidelines:

active couch members may contribute to the newsletter. limit is 2 submissions per member, per issue. you may contribute 2 written submissions per issue, or 2 graphic submissions, or one written and one graphic.

written submissions may be essays or compositions with a limit of 1,000 words per submission. for example, for the first issue i plan to submit an essay i wrote on the role of metaphor in recovery from trauma. fiction or non-fiction is acceptable, as well as poetry. they must be your own original work. submissions may be edited for grammar and spelling ONLY, and edited pieces will not be published without your approval (meaning that if you don’t agree with the editing, the piece will not be published).

graphic submissions will be accepted in the form of your own original art or photographs, in black and white or color. art and photographs must be submitted in JPG format, no larger than 1200 x 1500 dpi.

the inaugural issue of the couch forum newsletter will be published on november 5, 2006 (on the couch’s 2nd birthday).

please feel free to share your questions and feedback.

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