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Posted 07/25/06 - 12:51 AM:
Subject: Quick hit Peace for all ppls
open mic
just as i like
Midnights back to like
turn out yo lights
I might
give some suckas a fright
cause o' tha way I keep the flow nice an' tight
Im bright
cause Im blazing
so amazing
Im like grass grazin
purple hazin
outta touch like Im phasin
but I stays in
tha loop

like tha fruit
I recoup

the cost of entry
and like a sentry
I stand guard
and watch ovr tha yard
it aint too hard
cause Im a nightime bard

with tha

so easily
trees and grass
gave me lip
but I just let it pass
Im dont need ta
kick some ass
to be the one
who commands tha mass

quit tha sass like a big bad bass
I leap on tha hook
I know how ta cook
so look

Im ona bust tha dam
cause I am
the man with tha
mutha&^%$#@# plan
take ovr evry micro-
and make this whole wide world my g-dam slave

I command
and I demand
that the whole wide world just jump up and stand
for a cause

and tha cause is peace

lets kill tha diffs an
just release
all that tension
that we be
building up

its too much to contain
its so fuckd up

lets hit the spliff and jus chill a bit
put an end to this war type shit

thats the skit
hope yall en-joyd it
Im out now
until the next phat hit



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Posted 07/25/06 - 1:30 PM:

whiiii clap

man, how i'd love to see you perform that live ^^

why is this text underlined? raised eyebrow edit: oh, now it's not... oh well all the same

great flow man ! smiling face

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Posted 07/25/06 - 2:47 PM:

yeah, I was just pumpd up by a great weeknd of live, local, and free hiphop shows, all for Mobilization Against War and Occupation MAWO. It was dope. So now Ive gotta perfect some skills and get some ryhmes out my head and into the real world.

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