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AMERICA...Ascending or Descending?
AMERICA...Ascending or Descending

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Posted 08/12/15 - 6:38 AM:
Subject: AMERICA...Ascending or Descending?
It goes without saying, that the vast number of people on the The Couch love America. It is our home. My question: Is America, the greatest country on earth, ascending or descending? Have we reached "a turning point," so to speak. A thousand answers could be offered, but we want your opinion. Please share.
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Posted 08/12/15 - 7:13 AM:

if anybody googles that question they would see hundreds if not thousands of AMERICANS with the opinion that America is descending . it seems that as America increases in tech expertise it decreases in spiritualit. every great empire in the past rose and then fell...pharaohs and Egypt...Israel and Solomon....Assyria....Babylon....Persia...Greece....rome ..and even the british empire which ruled a greater part of the world under the reign of queen Victoria ,but where is that great empire now ?....the rising sun rises to its greatest height at miday but then it must set , as above so below .here in my own coutry England our grandfathers say the british empire as on on which the sun would never go down but it did.
henry quirk
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Posted 08/12/15 - 8:46 AM:

Mostly, the U.S. is in flux

Some folks see armageddon in that flux; others see utopia.

Me, I see business as usual. Sands shift but always remain sand. You just gotta mind where the dunes will be tomorrow.
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