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Avatar JrnymnX
Posted 03/05/15 - 8:45 AM:
Subject: Voter Suppression
No True American supports voter suppression.
henry quirk
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Posted 03/05/15 - 4:07 PM:

If voting (on any level) actually meant sumthin', you'd be right.

But voting doesn't mean squat, so...*shrug*
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Avatar thedoc
Posted 03/05/15 - 11:45 PM:

JrnymnX wrote:
No True American supports voter suppression.

Is this "No true Scotsman", or can you prove that white southerners are not American?
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Posted 03/06/15 - 5:52 AM:
Subject: Re: Mental Slavery
JrnymnX, thank you for raising this important, yet relevant, issue and question. Mental slavery in any context, or human relationship, is against everything humane. Our world is replete with this indignity of man. We must stand for freedom of thought and expression for all mankind. A very cogent insight.
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