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Posted 06/09/06 - 9:31 PM:
Subject: a story (closet cleaning)
Maybe the causes of the world’s major problems are the philosophies of people that live IN THE COURT of the empire in the world. They talk with their heads talking while the talking heads keep talking and fingers pointing every direction. Inside an opaque bag offering each their vanity as evidence of the taste of the rain on the outside of the bag.

Pink Floyd’s Welcome to the machine used to make me cower in the corner of my mind at times as a teen. Some times I stood as a defiant deity in an attempt to gain controlling perspective over the sight of what haunted me.

Then may have been the closest thing to a fair assessment of the worlds "problems" for me. Before what little clarity I had was tarnished by my involvement. I followed the trail of religion, money, and the power systems that controlled and enslaved the masses that were blinded by their own involvements. I saw people there manipulating themselves into what would manipulate the systems that would manipulate the systems' selves to manipulate people in a never-ending cycle of manipulation. The machine looked like a black hole, with no escape. Only faint lights, still affected by the gravity, moved freely about but nothing I could put my finger on or have clear belief in. Of course I blamed the power brokers at first. In doing so it became evident to me that I was already a part of the machine for I was looking for my place in it and jaded by my own investigations of it, I would go down the drain like all. What were my alternatives? What where those faint lights that I may have seen? The only answer I got to that was “find out”. Was death the only real way out? The only answer I ever received to that and preceding questions of the same nature was no. What would be my salvation from the inevitable meaningless decent?
There was an answer, but I couldn't understand it. That was typical. But there had been this voice all along in me, which had and would answer everything I could ever question. Most of these answers did not make much sense, but all seemed more honest by far than any other source of information. An example of this was: Is this voice God, or is it just me? A simple answer of yes. Well of course that sucked for a teen trying to understand life through his limited perceptions. What the fuck was that? I chose the only path I could at the time. As a victim of my powerless existence, pathetic. Self destructive blaming of everything I could find blame in. and I was good at it, very thorough very smart. There are many that believe they know what is wrong with the world. What is right in the world is usually over powered by what’s wrong in the debating arena. Has a lop-sided focus on what’s wrong in debating the problems ever solved anything? Or was hope for something the grease of all the good fights that ever found success. If you speak of the "problems of the world" without any attention on the solutions are you really doing anything more than acting like a self-destructing teenager trapped in a wet bag?
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