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Posted 05/26/06 - 6:19 PM:
Subject: To the Country
My latest drawing: first one I've done in nearly six years.


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Posted 05/27/06 - 12:45 AM:

i love the shading. the tree on the left totally kicks ass. how long did this take you? just curious.
Nihil Loc
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Posted 05/27/06 - 3:03 AM:

Definitely a awesome drawing. I wish I could do stuff like this. The detail and action keeps the eyes wandering and it is consistent throughout.

What words on the store window is the tree obscuring?

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child of the stars

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Posted 05/27/06 - 9:19 AM:

marvelous clap

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Posted 05/27/06 - 12:01 PM:

Thanks everybody. This drawing I worked on in spurts over a span of about two months. I'm glad you liked the shading lib - that's usually my worst area. And the missing words on the window weren't anything; I was gonna write "snow" going down but thought it was a little too "clever-in-a-cute-way." The order of the words in view, under a big sign that says "Goods," go a long way in fueling the overall meaning of the work, I think.

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Posted 05/28/06 - 2:05 PM:

Did you intentionally put up 'Goods' to be followed by 4 items we generally refer to as addictive? (drugs, coffee, candy, soda). I also sense a desire to express 'something to come soon.' The address '321' appears like a countdown, and the musicians note appear to be flying towards 'nowehere.'

It looks simply and clean, but if I did not know better, I'd say your mood was actually quite dark when you drew this.


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Posted 05/30/06 - 2:46 PM:

Hmm, can't comment much on my mood the last couple months, I don't think it's varied all the much from the norm. And the letters 321 was the actual address on location of where I drew most of this from. The print on the story window was the last thing for me to draw, and I think it's a good representation of the priorites of most modern living. This is a good deal of the reason for the guitar player's discontent, and his wish to return "To the Country", something akin to "Back to Nature".
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