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Relations and Society are merely mirrors!

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Posted 11/21/14 - 4:46 AM:
Subject: Relations and Society are merely mirrors!
There was a mad woman. She was convinced that her body was not physical. She was sure that her body was sublime and divine. She used to to say that there was no body as beautiful as her's on earth. One day that woman was brought before a big mirror fixed on a wall. As soon as she looked at her reflection in the mirror she became extremely furious and agitated. She picked up a chair which was near her in the room and vehemently broke the mirror by throwing it. Once the mirror was broken she sighed with relief.

When it was asked why did she break the mirror, she replied " This mirror was making my body physical; it was making my divinity look gross!"

The relations and society are not more than a mirror. You might go on breaking them but change would not happen. They just show your reflection. The work is to be done where it could be done, i. e. upon yourself. It's the center. Society and relations are not bondage. Bondage is your self-image.

There is another story I heard from someone. A dog entered in a place where there were too many mirrors all around. He started to think that he's surrounded by too many dogs and he started barking. The more he tried to suppress the other dogs with his adamant vehement barking more he was forced in return.

When a wise man entered that place he told that dog that it's merely his reflection in the mirrors. There are no other dogs at all, but the dog did not believe him. The wise man said to him--"just stay put for a while and see what happens." The dog became silent and then all other dogs too became silent and then the dog realized his mistake and thanked the wise man.

This is our problem with relations and society. We think that other people are good or bad, whereas truth is, they're simply our reflections. If you want to use other people, they would also want to use you; if you want to help other people, they would also want to help you. If you want to give out love and compassion, that's what you will receive back. As simple as that!

Source: Translated from the book containing Osho's letters to his mother.
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