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Posted 11/18/14 - 9:01 AM:
Subject: ASTROLOGY ?
a question that is often asked is can astrology accurately predict the future or is it all a big con to get money out of people... firstly may I say that YES astrology can accurately predict the future n advance because I myself have done it , but modern astrology has been corrupted by many to make money and a name for themselves ......the original use of the Sun , moon and stars was different in many ways to those used today. one well known example was JOSEPHS dream of the sun, moon, and 11 stars bowing down to his star , JACOB josephs father interpreted this to mean that he and his wife Rachel and josephs 11 brothers would bow down to him, and this actually happened a few years later......JESUS when speaking about his second coming to the earth spoke of signs in the sun , moon and stars , did he mean the actual material sun moon and stars or was he speaking about those being signs of something else ,remember that JESUS was a prophet and prophets use natural events as signs of movements in nations and kings and empires...what I am trying to get over is this, that the correct use of the natural heavenly bodies in predicting events here on earth has been lost and a weak substitute has replaced it....shalom
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Posted 11/19/14 - 10:31 AM:

You've a substance of Truth in what you say, my friend smiling face
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