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Posted 10/09/14 - 11:04 AM:
Subject: Great Religions and Astrology
My interpretation given here is a very general one. Personally I believe that organized religion is Devil's work. The proof is obvious enough for those who want to see. Religions throughout the human history have been responsible for spilling the blood of millions upon millions of people.

Religions have been responsible for poverty, population explosion and mass-paranoia. They have caused much suffering and agony. Proselytizing or not when there is an organization under one umbrella it becomes us versus them. The casualty caused by the crusades, jihads, dungas and other such holy wars has been horrible.

When a master is alive he is not sure about his being capable of communicating his essence to his pupil. Communication is so difficult even in our day to day lives--not even simple experiences can be communicated easily--imagine how difficult it's for an enlightened master to communicate. Therefore, only basic teachings and moral precepts remain and core of the teachings of masters is lost immediately after they are gone. That is why religions organized in the name of Christ, Buddha, Nanak and Kabir do not really adhere to what they preached. It's too dark under the lamp!

Lets take a few religions for discussion:


Venus rules the Judaism. There are many articles scattered hither and yon over the web discussing that Yahweh is actually Satan and Jews are actually Devil worshippers. I don't have to say anything conclusive regarding this since in the opening paragraph I have already remarked that organized religion is work of Devil. It applies to all religions--Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and others. Now let us concentrate on typical energies of Venus. Venus is an artist and a scientist. In indian mythology Venus is known as Shukra--guru of demons.

Jews are brightest amongst all religious and ethnic groups. Only 0.2% of world population--they claim an unbelievable 18% of all Nobel-prizes. Their superior average IQ is well established along with some of inherent diseases in their unique gene-pool owing to strictly within-the-group mating.

Venus governs arts and science. Lucifer is bright morning star Venus. Jews rule over Hollywood and they are also most brilliant scientists in the world. Just a trivial remark on religious symbol: Star generally represents celebrity and it's mostly used for film-stars--isn't it peculiar!

Lets take an example to further support these views. If you study birth chart of Albert Einstein, who was not only a Jew but also arguably the greatest scientist since Sir Issac Newton and perhaps the most illustrious scientific genius the world has ever known; you would see that Venus which was exalted in the sign Pisces in the tenth house, in a stellium of 4 planets made him a star. He was consider not only mediocre but even dumb until the period of debilitated Mercury was running, but as soon as the period of Venus started he got paper on Photoelectric Effect published which brought him in the lime-light and made him a great public figure.

Christianity (Sun:Bright)

Sun rules over Christianity or Sun represents planetary energies typical to Christianity. Sun is not only the brightest but also most powerful planet in the solar system. Sun is both a planet as well as a star when it comes to Vedic Astrology. Sun is hot and cruel. Rulers are cruel--they have to win and they have to have final say on everything--either by hook or by crook. As Venus represents arts and science--Sun represents Politics and rulers. Christianity is world's most powerful religion and it has been most infamous for its crusades. Since rulers are cruel they believe in crushing everything which comes in their way.


The religions of Islam and Sikhism along with Sufism are represented by Mars. Here I would like to draw a distinction by saying that unlike Islam and Sikhism, Sufism is more of a mystic way of living without much organization. Sufism is akin to Gnosticism and Saint Mat. Still, the way of meditation does indicate upsurge and movement of Martial energy into higher realms. The distinction between Gnosticism(which would be covered in the next head) and Sufism/Saint Mat is essentially in practice and not in Philosophy.

Mars is a hot planet like Sun and a warrior. Sikhism has given most brave warriors in history of India since its inception. Guru Gobind Singh, who was the tenth and the last Guru of Sikhs was a great warrior who fought Aurangzeb--the mughal king. As far as Indian history is concerned all Islamic warriors have been aggressive--be they mughals or pathans.


As BPL has also remarked on her aforementioned page--Hinduism is inclusive diversity of India's religions under one umbrella name. Jupiter is Guru of demigods and it's very optimistic and broad. Jupiter is very expansive and philosophical but because of its broad philosophy and lack of discretion it fails in reaching any conclusion. Hinduism lacks a coherent logical philosophical doctrine.

Shankaracharya's Mayavad is very similar to Buddhism and hence it does not fall under Jupiter's umbrella religions in my humble opinion. Hinduism has broad varieties of deities worshipped and a lot of scriptures without a concrete emphasis on getting rid of suffering.


Generally speaking Budh-Mercury is considered a chattering adolescent. But when it comes to religions and mysticism it represents most profound as well as decisive thought. Buddha comes from Buddhi(intellect). Buddha or the enlightened one is a person whose intellect is balanced and purest. Buddhism in essence is more of a doctrine or philosophy than religion but since organization is Devil's work--Buddhism is also not immune to organized horrors.

Gnostic and Buddhist world view are decisive about human suffering and its causes. In spite its profundity and diversity Hinduism(Guru) is not really capable of offering a pertinent solution to human suffering because it lacks Mercury's intellectual acuity.

Black Magic/Vouden/Shamanic Cults(Rahu:Spook)

I beg to differ from BPL's commentary about Ketu. Those readers who are familiar with Jaimini Atmakaraka know that Ketu is not considered as Atmakaraka under any schemes. There are some Astrologers like Sanjay Rath who consider Rahu as Atmakaraka and there are others like Barbara Pijan Lama who don't consider it as an Atmakaraka--but there are none who consider Ketu as Atmakaraka because Ketu is considered as conferer of emancipation. Therefore along the same lines of reasoning I don't consider Ketu signifying any religious practice/doctrine. I think that Shamanism or any other cults involving eating mushrooms, peyote, marijuana and other drugs come under Rahu's majesty.

Rahu was a demon in Indian mythology. He represents greed, magic, tricksters and charlatans. Rahu claims to be what he actually isn't because he wants to drink nectar which belongs to demigods only. He poses as demigods and sits with demigods to drink nectar in order to gain immortality.

Rahu cults involve black magic and drugs. It might look promising to those with lack of spiritual development but it ends up giving bad results.


I am not well informed about Confucianism but as far as Tao-Te-Ching is concerned it is well clear that it's about Law. Lao Tzu, Chuang Tzu and Lieh Tzu talk about eternal law or Tao. Saturn represents elders and law. It represents justice and balance. As far as Philosophy is concerned Gnosticism and Taoism both emphasize upon same mystical reason logos or Tao but when it comes to practice--Tao is more about practicing law governed by Saturn and Gnosticism is more about reasoning and thought governed by Mercury.

References: The Great Religions.
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