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Posted 10/04/14 - 1:50 AM:
Subject: Mirrors
I have had this strange belief that mirrors store psychic energy somehow. You may call it superstition. In a way I believe everything which comes into contact of humans or animals stores some energy typical to those coming in contact; however I feel mirrors do more so because of being associated with the 'sense' of identity in particular.

I don't know exactly when I picked this idea but it has stayed with me for long. I wrote a brief note about Blood Brotherhood, in which it was suggested that many occult societies use tokens belonging to dead persons to communicate with their spirits under the impression that these objects contain astral energy associated with those who have departed. I also observed some things related to mirrors belonging to Voodoo cult in a movie Skeleton Key. But I think I picked this idea mostly because of the observation that when I see my image in different mirrors which belong to different persons(from my family, friends or in public places)--they generate totally different feelings. In order to ascertain that other parameters like my mood and shapes of mirrors, surrounding lighting etc are all similar I have tried experiments in different locations. I don't know how it happens but I believe that there is some substance to it.

If you read biographies of saints--many of them renounce seeing their face in mirrors. Some of them don't see their images even in water. Saint Ramananda was one of those saints. He never saw his reflection in his entire life. In the movie Divergent--you see that cabal called 'Abnegants' has strict control over mirrors. Members of this cabal advise their children to not to spend much time looking into mirrors. There is another horror movie 'mirrors' which I did not like much.

Mirrors play an important role in our day to day lives. Those who are very finicky about their dressing and those who are impressionable youngsters and those who are in love spend a lot of time in front of mirrors. This mirror psychology is in work in many places like gymnasiums and shopping malls. In shopping malls they lit up their showrooms in such a way that if you look into the mirror you find yourself more beautiful than you generally do. When you try some clothes you find that they suit you exceptionally well and you buy them only to find that they are quite ordinary later on(when you put them on in natural light!)

Part of the reason why many people don't find it too boring waiting in saloons is because they have many mirrors to look into, especially those who are under the impression that they are more good looking than others.

You might have heard about mirror neurons which are responsible for empathy, altruism, language learning and other memes.

An enlightened person becomes a mirror--so say Buddhist. He is a void, a no-self, a no-thing-ness. He just reflects you. If you look into a Buddha you would find yourself. In a similar way mirrors pretty much show you what you want to see.

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